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About SUPA

Hi! We’re SUPA. And you are, too.

SUPA is the brainchild of Sabine Seymour, PhD, a fashion + wearable technology pioneer with a longstanding fascination for using data for good and an obsession with sports (thus the nickname SUPA sporty spice). Sabine built a biometric sensor base layer for snowboarding almost 20 years ago. SUPA is an inaugural member of the New Museum led incubator based in New York.

After developing a pilot with FILA SPORTS in 2016, SUPA launched the SUPA Powered Sports Bra in July 2017, because every body needs to get in SUPA shape in style. It’s a limited edition. Get it now if you want to own an original SUPA!


Sabine had an epiphany: “OMG, my legs felt like jelly after three days of snowboarding in the backcountry. I thought I was still in competition shape. You don’t get up to heart rate zone 5 by sitting on a desk. Using SUPA made me aware. I understand my heart and by strengthening it I automatically get stronger.”

SUPA Street Cred

SUPA was featured in New York Times, Vice, Forbes, Wired ... Mercedes-Benz did an original film with SUPA and NASA invited SUPA to a solutions meeting at the Space Center. More at SUPA Street Cred.

SUPA Intel

We are fun in the front, meets buttoned up data and science in the back. We don’t count calories, we count hamburgers and apples. We’re building an Artificial Intelligence to get you SUPA activated. So we’ll be gathering intel and are using our secret SUPA lingo. Here is an excerpt from our SUPA internal files for SUPA Squad only.

SUPA Ethos

We do not believe in health conditions. You have asthma, you know your breathing rate better than anybody else. We call those SUPA Powers. And we believe in a balanced lifestyle. If there is surf, we surf. If there are freshies, you’ll find us in the backcountry. If we’re stuck in the city, we run up the stairs in the subway. Oh, and we sleep a lot. It’s regenerating. Read more in our SUPA-not-secret diary.

SUPA for Good

Become a SUPA Hero - and help us do some good, too! So if you buy our SUPA Surf Neoprene Sweater we donate to Surfrider Foundation to ensure we can surf our oceans forever. We thrive to be sustainable so use our bags again and again. They are shielding your stuff from the elements. If you’re not going to use this SUPA Powered Gear anymore, send it back to us. We will recycle and reincarnate it with a new purpose, like a maternity kit we got selected for by the UNICEF Wearables for Good initiative.

The SUPA Squad

Join the SUPA Squad on Instagram and get first dibs on SUPA Powered Gear, tough love, dance partners, and a ride or die crew for life!